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I want to make this project sustainable without selling or promoting crap that this planet is already full of.

I always aim for quality over quantity, but that takes a lot of time with little monetary rewards. I've shown how much I earn from YouTube ads (and yeah... ads...) in this video:

My first goal is to grow this project to the point where I could hire a friend to help me to film & edit - because doing it solo sometimes can lead to insanity. So, if you are getting value out of my content consider contributing - because it feels good ;)


Gives me stability on monthly income - less pressure to constantly make videos - more focus on quality.
Much lower fees than YouTube Membership.


YouTube Membership

Same as Patreon, but you get additional perks like badges next to your name in the comments and custom emojis. But comes at MUCH HIGHER FEES than Patreon, so I would recomend Patreon instead.



Option for one time contribution.
Make sure it's marked as a gift or send for friend and not as a purchace - otherwise Paypal charges fees on me.


Card or Revolut

One time contribution with 0 transaction fees - if you use Revolut
Low fees in case of CC



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Translate my videos

Help me to reach climbers who have trouble with English.
Especially looking for people speaking Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese. Other languages might be interesting as well if there is a Climbing community speaking that language, but have trouble with English.
And you will get to see unpublished episodes and lots of Karma ;)