Real Powers: Part Three

Coming Q3 2013!

News Brief

“The world’s first ever bacteria-powered water filtration plant has gone live in Kenya this week, and scientists are praising the plant for its novel method of applying what they call ‘organic machines.’

“According to a representative from Scientists Without Borders, what makes this filtration plant unique is that instead of using solar- or wave-powered reverse osmosis to remove salt from seawater, it uses a genetically modified bacteria to remove the salt, then combines it with carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate is then repurposed into antacids and agricultural lime, and the chemical reaction catalyzed by the bacteria also provides much of the energy required to keep the plant functioning.

“The Kenyan Minister of Finance, Adila Abasi, said in a statement that she was proud that such a miraculous advance in technology was developed in her country, and that it’s a very good day to be Kenyan.”

(from Real Powers: Part Two)

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Real Powers: Part One
It’s 2027, and as the global economy shifts from unprecedented prosperity into harsh decline, the world’s experts struggle to understand why.A young blogger discovers a device with a hidden purpose. An idealistic journalist upends her career by targeting the people who own the news. A master media manipulator questions his work and takes on a challenging new client. An energy tycoon bristles as her powerful position is challenged. And a technologist-turned-cult leader questions his own faith.The hacktivist group Opus makes headlines around the world — their intentions unclear. 
And spurred by events he doesn’t fully understand, an unaccomplished young man born into a political dynasty decides to shatter conventions and expectations to take his rightful place in the world.